Townsend on getting $200,000 value

Townsend Wardlaw. January 2022.

“I wish I had $200K to work with Steve Hardison.”

I hear (or read) this often.

Most people think coming up with $200,000 is what’s keeping them from working with Steve.

I assure you it is not.

Every two weeks (from wherever I am in the world) I travel to Arizona for our two-hour session.

Four days every month, I am away from my wife and my life and my clients to work with some guy for a few hours.

Most people can’t wrap their brain around this.

For me, these four days are powerful.

I use them to create my BEing.

I read, I write, I reflect, and I dream.

For those of you hoping to work with Steve “some day” I have an invitation for you.

Start working with Steve now!

Ask yourself:

“Who would I need to BE to set aside two weekdays (or even one) every two weeks to work on my BEing?”

And then BE that person.

In the book of BEing (The Ultimate Coach) I share an insight from my first visit to work with Steve.

“This may sound a little strange, but if Steve dropped dead tomorrow and I never got to actually work with him, I already got my value.”

Every time I arrive to Steve’s office I ask myself: “What if he doesn’t show up today?”

The answer is always the same.

I’d spend the two hours working on my BEing and then BE right back here in two weeks.

Loving you,